Saturday, January 4, 2014

journey around my room

pic by kathryn clark

it's been four weeks since i broke my ankle.  not quite halfway to recovery but better off than i was.
i'm spending a lot of time resting on the sofa or scooting around the house in my ikea office chair, wheelchair.  scratching up floors like one might not do in a new house - unless worthy of some strange freedom.  it's a little "journey around my room," around here.   i stay on the first floor on the sofa looking towards the stairway.  i've analyzed the banister rungs and wondered if the yellow wall was really so bad after all.  i've pictured the exotic place called upstairs.  i try to do some weaving although lack the motivation.  never did working seem less appealing than when there is the time. 
i write some for a small book.  
i think about florida.  
i've found my way onto every plant catalog mailing list without looking and so they arrive by the bundle each day.  some days i scan some before stacking them under the gardening books towered on the side table bedside.  
i think a lot about my new garden- what i want to plant where and how i can be a more organized gardener than in years past.  i read and re-read my friend kathryn's weekend edible blog (and the old one) and feel inspired by her thoughtful planning and produce.   
it's a comfort to know spring will come and i will walk again. i will plant herbs and flowers,
voyage around my room 
in search of weeds to pull and bouquets to gather.


  1. love this, jaime. so silly. buried under a mountain of seed catalogs. i feel like you should have a pair of binoculars or a good telephoto lens tucked in your (wheel)chair with you ala rear window.

    i think about writing everyday to share my work with you. we had a long visit with my cousin from sweden… very present living for a few days. now we're back to our regular programming, so i hope to get it together to send something more soon.

    happy monday. is there snow outside your window?

  2. Oh my, Jaime, I can't imagine being trapped in a chair must feel like, how frustrating! Funny how you get around. I'm so glad to hear my blog inspires you to think about your own garden (and thanks for the share). Aren't you glad you're stuck in a chair now rather than in April? Rest up for the upcoming planting season!

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