Wednesday, April 24, 2013

porch flowers

mostly keeping track of the flowers i'm growing & gathering here in florida 
over on my instagram feed  ...
there is an abundance of sweet peas right now,
& really excited for the david austin roses that i recently potted.  
i haven't worked with roses much in the past few years but everything seems to thrive here in the heat and sunshine so i figure- why not grow some .  
when i was a florist in california we used to get the most incredible garden roses from this one woman.
i can still picture when she showed up to the shop in her station wagon with buckets full of the thorniest roses and all these years later i can still smell them.  


  1. what a beautiful little bouquet.
    (scents are also really powerful to bring up memories)
    some sunshine is badly needed here to, send us some! ;)

  2. i love these, jaime! i like your composition with your hand + glass too ;)
    keep em coming*

  3. I love the random tussie mussie. So sweet. I love too that I've 'discovered' your blog.