Thursday, March 14, 2013

permanent vacation

four weeks since i left, three weeks since i got here, somewhat unpacked, somewhat sorted out & somewhat over thinking i'm a stranger a strange land but some things still are strange.  
on a permanent vacation.  
sitting on my sofa beside bright large windows touched by palm trees i read about my friends & snow drops rising, crocus soon and waiting for spring.i try not to think about what my bulbs are doing.  i try to think about strawberry picking and baskets of fresh tomatoes - that's what is going on here like its no big deal.
so i shoveled soil into pots last weekend on my small sun porches.  felt like the hottest afternoon but it was only 70 something.  we started some seeds and i'm waiting on plants from annies annuals.  i'm ordering for a 10b zone now which many of my favorites will work in;  i'm not going all tropical.  
can't get into it.  
so the kids here skateboard and surf and play catch with mangoes, oranges & coconuts.  the beach is like paradise, soft sand, clear water, turquoise, calm, clean, peaceful...  
we walk twenty-five minutes to the park and twenty-five minutes back.  we say the same sorts of things everyday like, " . . . oh my, you crazy florida drivers," and as we pass sweaty shirtless jogging men on our way home, we laugh. 


  1. it sounds like a paradise to me ( crazy drivers aside!)... enjoy your new life, don't look back :)

  2. Surf, sand, walks, laughter--so far so good. Lovely muted color and light in this photo, Jaime.

  3. I discover your blog on this morning and I love your work!