Sunday, February 24, 2013

i left new jersey a little over a week ago. 
drove south some, had a really good lunch with a really good friend in virginia & then hopped on a sleeping train.  little sleeping though- kept waking startled thinking i was on an airplane experiencing the worst turbulence- only to remember that it was a train, not a plane- such a relief! 
i love watching towns pass out the windows, 
southern states now northern ones.  
drove around some more until a few days ago when i got here to my new home in florida.  
my friends have taken good care of my spirits in all this.  
i had to leave that garden and i think about those days with dirt under my nails a lot. 
some tell me there's a new world of tropical flora to discover- .. i'm looking, 
& i kneel down to take pictures of flowers in parking lot medians on the way to buy $29.99 shower caddy's, $29.99 spice racks, and sheet sets; 
still miss the old one-
i saw some wild blue morning glories tangled in a fence this morning and that's more my speed.  
& some weedy sort of coreopsis grows like dandelions. 
i find pieces of new jersey leaves and dried flowers in the residue of dirt as i pull clay pots from newsprint stuffed boxes.  kristen found gulf coast & southern florida wildflower seed mix for me.  i'll mix pinches of it with new soil in old pots.  
pots i grew sweet peas and bachelor's buttons in. last summer/ summer before
another life.
this afternoon i collected seashells on the beach like my grandmother used to.  she kept glass jars of them.  
i'll press them into patterns around the new plants (in old clay pots) 
for my yellow stucco, white stucco
sun porch/  garden


  1. Moving is difficult, but you seem to be making the best of it. new flowers in new places, and you will make new arrangements. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.

  2. Hugs. I know the pain of leaving a garden. But it's amazing the way nature finds a way into your life.

  3. i love seeing the world through your creative eyes. this beautiful photo above makes me excited to see more bits of your new environment shared here!

    1. thanks!
      it's going to be interesting lena - and so different.

  4. this is so beautiful, all of it. thinking of you daily and sending our love.

    1. love you - thanks for taking such good care of me!

  5. You are able to see the beautiful everywhere. I admire that about you. Thank you for helping us see it, too.

  6. Change is hard, especially when you're moving from something you love. But you will find new beauty in your new space, maybe in a way you didn't expect it. It sounds like you're already finding it. I hope it feels like home soon.

  7. I think alot about you and all the new that is going on - good luck with everything!

  8. Beautifully said, my friend. <3

  9. Definitely hard to move and moving to a new garden will be so different, yet so tranformative. It will change you but you won't know it til it's already happened.

  10. everyone said it so beautifully above, but just wanted to add...

    not sure if you are moving by desire or necessity (or both), but either way~ along with every ending comes a new beginning. new colors... new blooms... new sunsets... but still, the same magnificent sky.