Monday, January 21, 2013

a couple newer weavings for claire cottrell & art book stand ... 
she'll have a set up at printed matter's art book fair -feb 1-3, at the geffen contemporary at MOCA 
in los angeles. i'm really enjoying all her projects
i'll be shutting down my big cartel shop on january 29 for several weeks while we make a big move south.   now's probably a good time to get a book if you still want one .  .. . .


  1. Wow Jamie, these are really amazing.

  2. Wow Jamie, these are really amazing.

  3. These are really beautiful! Quite different to all the weavings you see around lately (including my own!). It's a good medium for you - you've got something special.

  4. Jaime i'm so excited about book stand! so, so, SO excited! i'm going to grab a copy of your book for sure. i wish that you could be here too.